We have the facility to accommodate 350 participants. We have a well furnished retreat hall with 400 seating capacity. People sleep in shared bedrooms with 7 to 10 beds in each room. Few self-contained single rooms are also available for those seek more privacy and silence. Residential retreats are conducted in every alternative week. Inner Healing Retreat, Anointing of the Holy Spirit Retreat, Growth in Charism Retreat, Prayer Experience Retreat, Couple’s retreat, Priests and Religious Retreat, Youth Retreat, and Christeen Retreat are the special retreats conducted in the centre. Priests and Religious are given separate accommodation and special facilities. Calm and quite surroundings create a suitable environment conducive for prayer and meditation. Dedicated priests giving qualitative preaching based fully on the Word of God, gifted counsellors, hospitable ushers, prayerful and dedicated volunteers make this retreat centre a unique one. Spirit filled and talented music ministry helps for praise and worship which is an integral part of the retreat. Strict silence is maintained during the retreat days. Potta Retreat Centre can rightly be called the mother all other retreat centres in Kerala.